Borrer's bank

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Wednesday, 4 May 2011 18:17

Another lunch time excursion albeit of a far more surprising nature. I found out that there was some White Ramping Fumitory under a hedge on the road from Woods Mill into Henfield, a road verge I have driven past many times over the last few years. I pulled in and found the Fumitory almost immediately, considerably larger than Common Fumitory and quite an attractive species, a little like a giant Fine-leaved Fumitory. But that was not before I saw lots of these naturalised plants, left over from Borrer's collection, Rosy Garlic and yet another species I can add to my list.
I was amazed that this thin slither of land that I have driven past for more than three years had such botanical and historical significance. I'm even more amazed that no one else at the Trust has ever told me about it! There is even a little interpretation board. Not only that, I spotted a tiny micro moth that I didn't recognise, which is  Glyphipterix fuscoviridella. So, a fifteen minute trip into Henfield to get a sandwich and I ended up adding three species to my list (3294)! I leave you with a shot of the bank and a close up of the interpretation board that you can just about read if you click on it.

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