Black Teeth and Purple Stockings

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 13 October 2016 17:00

That's my Halloween outfit sorted then! No, in fact I went out looking for some new species the other day for the first time in ages. Thanks to a tip off from James and Dawn Langiewicz, I was off to an undisclosed site in West Sussex to look for not one but two tooth fungi. I'd not seen any tooth fungi (other than Wood and Terracotta Hedgehogs) so was pleased to be on a quest for two of these BAP species. It didn't take long before I spotted them growing close together. Above is the Black Tooth. Quite an odd looking thing. Especially this stunted one that does actually look like a rotten tooth.

Growing close by was the much more numerous Zoned Tooth.

My Coolpix hasn't been working quite so well since I dropped it in a rock pool (last time I blogged actually - it's been my usual end of summer burn out) but you can still see the teeth these fungi have instead of gills. Nearby I saw some Terracotta Hedgehogs too, so three tooth fungi in one small area.

And who doesn't love a Trumpet Chanterelle?

Finally, I was also directed to some Purple Stocking Webcaps. Quite a slimy-capped species for a webcap. You can see the purple stype. Right, this has got me in the mood to go out with the WWFRG this weekend...

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