18th species of longhorn recorded at Ebernoe

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday 27 May 2011 18:43

I ran a course at Ebernoe today, more of a very involved guided walk really. I always enjoy these days but the weather wasn't great and although we saw a lot, we didn't see much I hadn't seen before. We did spot the Na Stenurella nigra resting on a buttercup but then Nigel Flynn spotted this longhorn beetle on a log in Dennis's Croft. It is the Nb Poecilium alni and is a new one for me and for Ebernoe Common. It looks a bit like a tiny Anaglyptus mysticus. Although it's 'only' Nb, it's a 16 pointer on the SQI list and will add quite a bit to the SQI for the site. A great find and I am glad to add this species to mine and the site's lists, it's the 18th species of longhorn I have seen at Ebernoe. We saw lots of other things but a Bird's-nest Orchid and a Hobby were some of the highlights.

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