A short course in web design

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 2 June 2012 12:55

A couple of days ago I carried out a bird survey at Waltham Brooks. There was a mist first thing and it highlighted all the webs. Orb weavers are mostly fairly large spiders, many are identifiable in the field and are often represented by only one or several species in a given genus. They make for a good family to get into when you start on spiders. I don't often look at the webs, so it was interesting to see how different they are. Larinioides cornutus is everywhere there in long vegetation, particularly rushes. It has a nearly horizontal web which sags in the middle and is very scruffy.

Quite the contrast to the meticulously crafted vertical web of Agalenetea redii. It was easy to spot the two spiders by their webs!
I'm still on 3999.

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Friend of HK Says:

Wow! The web IS big!

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