I made it to 4000 species!!!

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 2 June 2012 20:58

Last week I received an email from Paul Brock saying he had seen a rare longhorn beetle, Pyrrhidium sanguineum, on a log stack at Rewell Wood. Now, this would make for an exiting addition to my list as not only is this a smart RDB2 species, it was also new to Sussex as far as I could tell. So I did my best to engineer this as my 4000th species. I identified specimens from a survey at Iping two days ago to get me up to 3999 and held it there, hoping to make 4000 something exciting like a longhorn. I was right about one thing, my 4000th species was a longhorn beetle but not the rare one. I couldn't see that one at all. This is Pogonocherus hispidulus. I have seen all three Pogonocherus now but only ever one of each. Considering that hispidulus does not have a conservation status, it can't bee ll that common if this is the only one I have seen in three years of beetling. 

I saw a few other longhorns including two Anaglyptus mysticus, this one was an ovipositing female.
And Wasp Beetles were everywhere.
This Lesser Stage Beetle posed well for me at the gate.
So, it took me about 20 months to go from 3000 to 4000. I expect the next 1000 will take a little longer. Pan-species listing has definitely made me a better naturalist and I look forward to continuing with it for the rest of my life (I'm already on 4004 species!). Here are the three Pogonocherus, from top to bottom hispidulus, hispidus and fasciculatus.

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Steve Gale Says:

My congratulations Graeme. Now take a deep breath and make your way to 5000...

Andrew Cunningham Says:

Congratulations Graeme!

Martin Harvey Says:

Well done Graeme, have enjoyed following your progress even as you moved swiftly past me! Hope the next 1,000 species provide as much fun and interest.

Sean Foote Says:

Nice one Graeme. Great blog!

I helped you do a botanical survey at Farnham Heath once, several years back (when you worked for RSPB). Not sure whether you remember!

My moth blog if you interested: http://surreymothing.blogspot.co.uk/

Sean Foote Says:

Just worked out my british all-species list: c1640 - in 10 years of interest. Breaks down as follows: flowering plants (437), macro moths (434), birds (324), fungi (271), trees and shrubs (60), butterflies (45), some beetles (36), and mammals (33).

Note to self - must get into micro moths!

Graeme Lyons Says:

Thanks for all the comments guys! Sean, yes of course I remember. Do you have Hornet Robberfly and Smooth Catsear on your list as you saw both those species with me at Tankersford. Have you submitted your list to Mark Telfer? If not, you should do!

Neil Says:

Congratulations! I added up my plants I've definitely seen + Identified (or had IDed for me) last night - only 111!

It I'll take a while to catch you up at this rate!

Sean Foote Says:

Got Smooth Cat's-ear yes, but I don't have a fly list at present.

Just found Mark Telfers website. Looks great - will try and add myself shortly.


Charlie Says:

Staggering stuff Graeme, congratulations (and thanks for inspiring lesser mortals like me to have a go at pan-listing myself.

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