Posted by Graeme Lyons , Wednesday 6 June 2012 22:15

Due to rather rubbish weather forecast over the next few days, I decided to do the Woods Mill bird survey this evening. It was rather good surprisingly with many more registrations of Song Thrush and Blackbird than I usually record in the mornings. I saw the female Kestrel fly in with food and tear it up for the chicks. A few young Tawny Owls called to each other in the woods. I finally stumbled upon the Buzzard's nest to see a well grown youngster looking down at me and a Barn Owl flew across the reedbed with a prey item. Not only that but I got a fungus tick too in the form of these Collared Parachutes that have a distinct collar separating the gills from the stipe which is perfectly obscured from view in this informative photograph. That puts me on 4012 species.

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