Piggyback for Gronops

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 9 June 2012 19:06

I have been working on an NVC map of Seaford Head again today as a freelance project. There is a tiny bit of saltmarsh there with tiny fragments of saltmarsh NVC communities. Sea Couch, Saltmarsh Rush, Sea Mayweed, Greater Sea-spurrey and Rock Sea Lavender all grow there in strips measured in centimetres not metres. The above photo is a cool little weevil called Gronops lunatus that is abundant in this area. I think this is a darker colour variant of the same weevil. I'll have to check it though as it does look very different.
 Sea Pearlwort, I was surprised to find out, was a tick for me.
In just a very small area and a very small amount of time I collected a lot of specimens to be identified. Dispite its small size, it seems to hold many interesting species. I picked up a male Bledius with a huge horn coming off the pronotum so I'll report back on that and an Ozyptila I found on a tiny strip of vegetated shingle.

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