Minute Pantswort

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Tuesday 15 November 2011 17:25

OK it's not really called that but during the course I was running today I did stumble across a load of Minute Pouncewort Cololejeunea minutissima but the attendees misheard me and thought I said pantswort. Anyway, it's very similar to Fairy Beads but this species has tiny five-sided, star-shaped perianths. That was a new species for me and one I was on the look out for after reading about Fairy Beads last night.

Due to the presence of a good mycologist on the course, I also added two fungi to the list. The first being this species known as the Goblet.
And finally but perhaps one of the strangest life forms I have ever seen was this Glue Fungus Hymenochaete corrugata. the dark fruiting bodies literally glue dead branches to living branches (particularly of Hazel).

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