Lunar corona

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 10 November 2011 19:39

When I should have been setting the cups up for last night's Sussex Moth Group meeting, I was in fact taking photos of the most amazing lunar corona I have ever seen, and Jupiter's presence added to the effect. When we came out of the meeting, the moon was showing another optical phenomena, a 22 degree halo, just like the one you see with sundogs.
Being so mild we put the trap out despite the bright moon. The highlight was this pretty little tortrix that Alice spotted on the wall. It's the Nb Acleris logiana, a recent arrival to the south that used to be restricted to Scotland. Thanks to Tony Davis for confirming the ID based upon the loose scales on the costa. That puts me on 3678 species!

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Mark G. Telfer Says:

Graeme, I'm so pleased you got a photo of that amazingly colourful lunar corona. I saw it over our garden (in Beds) but by the time I got back out with my camera, the moon had come out from behind the cloud and it was all over.

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