Honey Monsters

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Tuesday 29 November 2011 08:35

Well, I'll never look at a conifer plantation quite the same way again, at least not a Norway Spruce plantation. Howard showed me around a section of woodland strangely known as Ladies Winkins (?!). First up and my favourite photo of the day, actually the best shot I've taken for a while I think was this Dark Honey Fungus, itself a specialist of spruce. On the edge of the wood we spotted some nice brown agarics that turned bright red upon cutting them and Howard confirmed the species as Blushing Wood Mushroom.
I got a little over-excited at the prospect of finding one of the rarer tooth fungi but in hindsight it was just a big old Terracotta Hedgehog, an impressive beast all the same.
Nice but not a new one for me. Howard showed me Dead Moll's Fingers but the photo didn't come out well. The whole wood is full of this tiny Ramaria flaccida.
We refound these distinctive Dusky Puffballs, yet another tick for me.
And these Wood Mushrooms were an impressive sight too. I end the day on 3715 but there is still one species yet to be identified. A huge thank you to Howard for all his help with the identifications.

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Another interesting post Graeme, thanks.

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