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Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday, 30 April 2011 18:18

After a long farm survey I called into Iping to see if I could see the Floating Club-rush that I missed last year. I was expecting something a little more robust but here it is in all its glory. It would have been easy to mistake it for one of the slender pondweeds. Lots of Hairy Dragonflies and a few Broad-bodied Chasers too.

After that, I headed to Ebernoe to beat some Hawthorn which is flowering so much earlier this year. I saw lots of old friends including the following firsts for the year: Rhagium mordax, Malachite Beetle, Tetrops praeusta, Hylecoetus dermestoides, Uleiota planata, Bitoma crenata and lots of these saproxylic hoverflies, Xylota segnis.
However, I did get one new beetle for me under some loose Beech bark, it's Glischrochilus quadriguttatus. My list at the end of April is 3284.

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Sarah P Says:

Hare's-tail Cottongrass quite near that pond on Iping

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