Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday 22 April 2011 16:51

One last identification from yesterday is this male Neriene montana. Quite pleased with the photo, the dappled shade of the partially opened oak canopy provides a good light unlike this relentless sunlight that also super charges every invertebrate, even in the shade there is a lot of latent heat making everything very mobile. In other words, rubbish weather for photography out in the open but good for recording. I started surveying yesterday around 6.30 am and was too hot then in just a t-shirt! Starting to get close to the point when I can't carry enough water!

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neil Says:

It is getting rather warm. I gave up with land inverts yesterday as they were too active by 8am and instead went for aquatic ones and got some lovely water spiders.

Neil Says:

I meant to say nice photo too!

Graeme Lyons Says:

Hi Neil
Thanks. Was that the actual Water Spider or a species around the water? I ask because I have not seen the Water Spider.

Steve Gale Says:

Thanks for your ID input Graeme. I somehow think I might be needing it again! (PS, please don't start charging for it though!!!!)

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