Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday, 29 April 2011 07:51

I did have a tick yesterday, hence the additional 5 km walk after work but it wasn't the Black Kite (I wished it was though, a self found rarity and a lifer - I should never have twitched the Black-eared Kite), it was Duke of Burgundy. I know, I know, how could I have gone so long without seeing this you ask? Well we all have blind spots and there are a number of species that I have not seen that are scarce enough that I'm unlikely to ever bump into them by chance but regular enough so that it's really just a matter of turning up at the right place and time. That's what limits me with species like this, they're great to see but it does feel a little bit like going through the motions. Compared to a self found Black Kite or finding three or four beetles at Woods Mill and spending hours keying them out this feels a little hollow.
That said, this was a great little butterfly. All I knew was that they were at Heyshott Down, I didn't gen up anymore than that, which made it a little more exciting. There was quite a northerly breeze on the down so they were only going to be low down in the hollows. Being cooler too, the butterflies I came across were very well behaved and I had good shots within minutes! I found three, I am sure I could have found more but I was tired (all in all I managed 24 km yesterday when I added the walk into town to the pub last night). Birds included Tree Pipit and Raven. It's been along time since I saw a new species of butterfly. My list stands at 3282.

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Sarah P Says:

A bogey is finally removed!!!

Graeme Lyons Says:

Only to be replaced by another, Purple Emperor perhaps or Field Mouse-ear. I might do my top 100 bogeys! Actually, that's a great idea. Then people can help me!

Gilly Says:

Worth making an effort to see. Very pretty. Did you hear Matthew Oats' piece about them on Saving Species?

Tom Forward Says:

Discovered this site doing a little online lepidopteran snooping. Don't know whether you've come across it but its pretty amazing -

No such thing as 'just' a Grizzled Skipper it would seem!

After not getting going quick enough yesterday the Duke had already gone to roost on my arrival.


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