Sawfly desperate to be added to my list

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Wednesday 20 April 2011 07:20

Here is the big sawfly that landed at my feet last week on the way back from the corner shop. I have not seen this one before. I keyed it out to family and it appears that it is Zaraea lonicerae but it would be great if someone could confirm the ID. Quite an impressive, thick-set sawfly with a bronze-metallic sheen and smart clubbed antennae. The cimbycid sawflies (ones with clubbed antennae) make up only a small proportion of the sawflies and includes the familiar Birch Sawfly that I have seen on a few occasions.

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Anonymous Says:

Looks very similar to the sawfly I photographed in St AndrewsPark in Bristol. You can see the two photos I took in April this year if you go to the Friends of St Andrews Park

Simon Randolph

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