Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday, 11 March 2011 18:01

I haven't really used the video camera much on my new camera but I had a quick go to try and capture the song of one of my favourite song birds today, Mistle Thrush or as I prefer Stormcock. I love colloquial names. Bonxie, Dovekie and Tystie are all so much better than the official names don't you think? I think Stormcock song is the best of our thrushes, none of the loud brashness of the Song Thrush or the showiness of the Blackbird. No, Stormcocks are far more understated, even melancholy. A good way to identify them is that the sections of song are shorter in length than the pauses between the sections of song.

Speaking of Song Thrush, I found this nest upside down on the woodland floor. I love the way they line their nests with mud, it's a work of art!

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