Barking up the wrong trees

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Tuesday 1 March 2011 18:25

I usually like the first photo to be a shot of a new species or the focus of the post but I just really liked this photo for capturing just how cold and bleak today was. I went out at lunch time for no more than 15 minutes and was trying to get my head around the commonest lichens on the Alders in the little plantation at Woods Mill. By far the most abundant one is the grey lichen in the above photo which I think is Hypogymnia physodes. It's on all the trees and fence posts in the area. I'm not sure what the orange stuff you get on Alder bark is, I think I heard once it's an algae. 
Anyway, I also saw this one which is new to me and I think is Ramalania farinacea. Other common lichens there include the big apple-green Flavoparmelia caperata and the branched Evernia prunastri. I also found the tiny Physcia adscendens on a nearby willow which was also new to me leaving me on 3132. I'm only just really branching into lichens so if you think any of these identifications are wrong, please let me know.

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