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Posted by Graeme Lyons , Wednesday 16 March 2011 19:22

These metre high Greater Tussock Sedges (NVC community S3) always make me laugh, looking like something from the Dark Crystal, I swear they move around when you're not looking. We went to Amberley Wildbrooks today to discuss management with the RSPB. There were lots of Lapwings and a few Redshank displaying, it was looking really good. Sadly, this Lapwing was predated, probably by a Fox looking at the ends of the feather shafts. Or maybe one of the tussocks got hungry?...
Getting my laptop back top back tomorrow at long last! Moth trap is out tonight at Woods Mill too so I hope we get a bumper March catch in the morning.

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Martin Harvey Says:

Mmmm, tussocks, lovely! There's some good flies (and no doubt beetles too) that breed and/or shelter in them.

urk Says:

I was searching the net for the word to describe the 'main attraction' in a theme park in Estonia (http://www.siseministeerium.ee/public/Pokumaa_eng.pdf) - and looks like I've found it - the tussock sedges at Pokuland seem to be moving, too :).

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