Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 10 March 2011 19:57

I've been at Ebernoe all day with Maddy measuring trees (G.B.H. = Girth at Breast Height) and mapping them with a GPS and the biggest tree we saw had a GBH of 6.56 m, quite a sight! it's important to know where the veteran trees are so we can manage for them. We saw quite a bit of wildlife in the process, including lots of Wild Daffodils that are just coming out. I hate daffodils but the wild ones are alright.

Found a few beetles today including this little deadwood species under Beech bark. I have seen it there before, it's Bitoma crenata and is only about 3 mm long.
Under the same piece of bark was this larva which I think is the click beetle Stenagostus rhombeus, a species I have only ever seen as a larva.
I found a moth at rest too which does not happen every day. It's an Early Grey which reminds me we put the trap out at Woods Mill last night and recorded 154 moths (108 Small Quakers) but no Early Greys!
Finally, I think I found one species new to me today. Being windy, there were a lot of dead branches blown to the ground and attached to one of these is what I think this lichen is: Usnea cornuta. I had a look under the microscope and it seems to fit the bill. I found a different species of Usnea that I was not so confident with. Looks like I'll be going back to the site tomorrow now to finish the job.

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Anonymous Says:

Thanks for the heads up on the wild daffodils at Ebernoe. I went there yesterday and they are stunning!

I'm loving your blog, keep it coming. :)

Susie Milbank

Graeme Lyons Says:

Hi Susie
Glad you're enjoying the blog and you found the Wild Daffodils. Ebernoe is a very nice place in spring!

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