Mothing gets even easier and a Firecrest at 60 mph

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 19 August 2010 18:37

What lazier natural history is there than moth trapping? I'll tell you, rocking up just as someone has gone through the trap and potted up the best moths and that's exactly what I did today (thanks Alice!). I think Black Arches (above) are dead cool mostly because I never used to see them in Staffordshire and they still seem exotic to me! This moth is also pretty awesome, Dusky Thorn, one of my favourites.
This last one is a reedbed specialist that I don't see very often although it is only local. It's a Twin-spotted Wainscot.
I spent the day at Levin Down and have some interesting plant photos I'll put in tomorrow's blog including what I think is a very strange hybrid. Whilst I was driving past the entrance to Goodwood House today I heard a singing Firecrest, pretty cool to spot the joint smallest bird in Britain at 60 mph, and I'm pretty sure I heard a Doppler shift on it too! I went back and confirmed the bird. I then had a knackered looking male Redstart on the reserve which would be a migrant bird.

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