Another rare beetle new to Ebernoe Common

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday 27 August 2010 19:22

I found this tiny false click beetle on the 16th August on an old dead Beech in Leconfield 'Glade' at Ebernoe Common. With a little help I ruled out the blacker species Microrhagus pygmaeus leaving two possible RDB species in the genus Hylis. I could not figure out which one it was so I passed it on to Mark Telfer who has identified it as Hylis olexai. In 'The Invertebrates of Living & Decaying Timber' the species is noted as RDB3, it likes the heartwood of decaying timber, especially Beech. This find is new to the site AND the West Weald project area putting the Ebernoe SQI up to 508.0 making it the 28th best site for deadwood beetles in the country! Wahoo, go Ebernoe!

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