Cute little baby Fox

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Sunday 22 August 2010 17:26

Well, Fox Moth but close enough. This big furry caterpillar turns into a big furry moth that is quite common and is easy to spot when they are loafing around in the undergrowth, I think they look a little like reversed hairy Cinnabar caterpillars when they are small but they do get much bigger.  I have been at Frensham Great Pond again today looking at NVC communities. I saw a few good things in the process including an immature Hobby chasing Common Terns and there was a Black Tern there too. I saw a huge Signal Crayfish disappear under a log and a whole shoal of Rudd.
I also saw some of the alien Orange Balsam, a species from North America but it is quite smart so I had to take a photo.

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Dona Says:

I didn't know that flower was called an Orange Balsam. I always called it a touch-me-not and recently saw it is also called a Jewel Flower. Interesting the different names flowers can have.

Graeme Lyons Says:

Hi Dona
Orange Balsam or Impatiens capensis is the introduced one shown here. Touch-me-not Balsam Impatiens noli-tangere is native and rare and is only found in the north west. It's the only native balsam.
Hope this helps

Anonymous Says:

I think I've seen one on the SW Coastpath near Pentire Head (Polzeath Bay) today, 9th August. Looking up details on it though it says it pupates in April so I'm unsure now what I've seen.

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