Ruddy Hell!

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 1 July 2010 17:06

I finally got close enough to a crisp male Ruddy Darter, the first one I have seen this year. It's got a blood-red abdomen compared the duller orangy-red of the Common Darter and the abdomen is waisted. The legs are also all black (black with yellow-stripes in Common darter). This was sitting close to the mill leat at Woods Mill. Less common than Common Darter but on the increase, a nice species to see at close range as they are often very mobile. In the moth trap Alice Parfitt caught the nationally scarce Kent Black Arches and I noticed a Beautiful Snout nearby, possibly one of the best moth names!

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Anonymous Says:

Nice shot, have never (knowingly) seen a Ruddy Darter, but will be watch for the blood-red waisted abdomen. This sounds a bit gothic.

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