Cricket Club

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 15 July 2010 18:57

My first day back at work and I spent half the day by the side of Wisborough Green cricket field as the Subaru broke down on me. Fortunately after I had collected the interception traps from The Mens. I was waiting for an hour and half but I had my camera on me so I was not completely out of things to do. I had also conveniently broken down right in front of the village stores so I could stuff my face with junk food. Whilst I was shoving my Almond Magnum wrapper into the bin I saw this bad boy, an Oak Bush-cricket whom I got to pose on a bench for me and kept me company whilst roadside assistance turned up. It seemed to like the camera and jumped onto my lens three times in a row. Common enough but I like the way the light shines through the translucent parts! Later on I spotted this odd plant, Stone Parsley. This and the scarcer Corn Parsley look quite unlike umbellifers, perhaps more like bedstraws at first glance and quite easy to completely overlook due to the tiny and very diffusely arranged flower heads.
The traps from The Mens looked fairly empty this time although there was a click beetle in one of them I did not recognise and I found a histerid that I will try and key out hanging around some Dryad's Saddle. I will have to do the sorting tomorrow now.

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