More arable weeds...

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Tuesday 6 July 2010 20:57

After finding two arable plants I had not seen before at the weekend I realised that I had seen relatively few arable plant species. So, I have been looking for some arable margins that are easy to get to on the chalk and I remembered the track from the car park at Woodingdean up to Castle Hill looked quite good. It was pretty good although it took some work to find things. From top to bottom the photos are: Dwarf Spurge, Venus's Looking-glass, Grey Field Speedwell, the seed pods of Rough Poppy and finally at the bottom Prickly Poppy. I am sure there was more up there, the light was pretty poor. Scrambling around on my hands and knees in bare chalk squinting into the evening sun, sneezing with hayfever and listening to the delightful sound of police car sirens speeding around Woodingdean was a great way to spend an evening!

I did also see lots of Skylarks, House Sparrows and a Corn Bunting.

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