The Crimson Field

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday 9 July 2010 09:28

After struggling with back problems for three weeks, my GP and physio have finally convinced me to have a week off sick. This is gonna kill me at this time of year and in this heat as I am supposed to sit still and only go on short walks/drives. Fortunately there is a lot of stuff to see in Brighton & Hove, I can't walk anywhere without seeing something new at the moment! So much for going to the New Forest this weekend. I was feeling pretty miserable at the thought of spending a week locked up so on the way home yesterday I saw this field of Common Poppies and had to stop for a few shots. It is a stunning field by Devils Dyke and a public footpath runs through it. It is right next to the road, park in the second car park along the dyke road from Brighton. In the distance you can see Brighton and Hollingbury fort, just behind that Perennial Sow-thistle. It also has a lot of nice arable weeds, Venus's Looking-glass, Dwarf Spurge, Small Toadflax, Sharp-leaved Fluellen and lots of Rough Poppies (second photo. You can see how obviously different they are to Common Poppies). I also saw all three field speedwells and actually took a photo of Grey and Green Field Speedwell. In the bottom photo, Grey is on the left with the darker leaves and flowers and Green is on the right with the lighter leaves and paler flowers.

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