Woods Mill Bioblitz: Molluscs

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday, 6 September 2018 16:36

Now for the slugs & snails. A total of 27 species were recorded and six of these were new for the site. One of them. the River or 'Giant' Pea Mussel Pisidium amnicum was new for me too. Pulled out of the river in the same sample as the riffle beetles in the lats post. Three lifers in one net. The distinctive thing about this pea mussel is it's huge. At 10 mm wide, it towers over the others in the genus. It's also far more asymmetrical than the other species and is found in rivers. The last record on any Trust reserve was from Amberley in 2008. I was surprised Leopard Slug was new. The Vertigo was found using the suction sampler in the valley field and the aquatic molluscs in the lake are doing well after the carp removal with a few new species there. To summarise, between the beetles and molluscs, 70 species of which 26 (37%!) are new for the site (and three new for me). Here are some other shots from my library. Limacus maculatus, Planorbis planorbis and Cochlodina laminata Next up, the bugs!

Species Last record
Acroloxus lacustris 1996
Anisus vortex 1996
Arion hortensis 2017
Arion subfuscus 2017
Bithynia leachii New
Bithynia tentaculata 1996
Cepaea hortensis 2010
Cepaea nemoralis 2013
Clausilia bidentata 2014
Cochlicopa lubrica 1996
Cochlodina laminata 2011
Cornu aspersum 2010
Lehmannia marginata 2017
Lehmannia valentiana 2017
Limacus maculatus 2016
Limax maximus New
Monacha cantiana 1996
Oxychilus navarricus 2010
Pisidium amnicum New
Planorbarius corneus 2014
Planorbis carinatus New
Planorbis planorbis 1996
Potamopyrgus antipodarum New
Radix balthica 1996
Sphaerium corneum 2014
Succinea putris New
Vertigo pygmaea New

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