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Well it would have been rude not to go and see the Beluga as I was working on the edge of London finishing off the last of the year's freelance entomology. What an incredible sight it was, the TV and news companies, helicopters, drones and even ITV misbehaving in a boat was quite something. It's just come on the news even as I write this. You know you've been around a bit when you turn up at a twitch and the first person you recognise is a news presenter who has interviewed you about migrant moths seven years ago.

It was coming up to breathe roughly every ten minutes where it would roll typically two to four times before going under. Strange that in the hour I was there it was always coming up in more or less the same spot just to the left of this barge. So I do hope that means it was feeding on something plentiful. Sea Wormwood growing all along on the shore and I saw some Golden Samphire nearby too.

I think I just caught the blow hole in this one.

But this was my favourite. I'm glad it's not my only shot, being the first, for a brief time it was.

I've been sitting on 49 species of mammal for about three years since I added Bechstein's Bat. Uncomfortable yes but I always thought species 50 might be Otter. Never mind, I'll make do with a Beluga. This is only my 2nd UK whale after Minke Whale so very pleased to see it. Whatever next?!

UPDATE: Oh I forgot to say thanks to Mark Telfer and Matt Eade for the gen. As I was walking back to the car I saw a patch of Black Horehound and thought I would check it for Rambur's Pied Shieldbug and one glance and there it was! Only a matter of time before we get this in Sussex.

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Mark G. Telfer Says:

Whatever next ... I live in hope of a repeat of the Cambridgeshire Walrus!

Graeme Lyons Says:

Tell me more about this Cambridgeshire Walrus!

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