We've only gone and started our own podcast!

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday 7 October 2011 18:19

Some of you may know that Michael Blencowe and I and our new pal, Mat Davidson have been up to something of late. Here it is: our new monthly podcast, 'The Natural History of Sussex: Episode One - Fairwell and Adieu'. I'm not going to write much else other than to urge you to have a listen! Enjoy.

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Steve Gale Says:

I've just listened to every second of it (honest) and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was like being down the pub with some like-minded mates talking about what was about. particularly enjoyed the moth trapping session (I would have had three moth ticks - Ni Moth, Flame Brocade and dark Spectacle - and Western Conifer Seed bug!!!)

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