Look who's back on the scene!

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Tuesday 18 October 2011 10:55

A big thank you to Mark Telfer for selling me his old Coolpix. Since the start of July I have felt a little like part of me has been missing. My Coolpix began making a rather ungodly sound as I pointed it at an ovipositing Hornet Beetle nearly four months ago now. It might only have 4 megapixels but it is perfect for my blog. I look forward to taking more macro shots with it. Stuck at home today with a fever though, so it's not going to be today.

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Anonymous Says:

You're not alone in feeling unwell, my son who sorted out how to subscribe to your RSS etc etc (lost in jargon) is not well too. I now look forward to seeing your blog regular like.
Bless you both to get well soon.

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