The Pillars of the Earth

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Monday 24 October 2011 18:03

I went a quick walk up to Wolstonbury Hill this afternoon to look for a Large-leaved Lime I knew was there. I managed to scupper myself by leaving the grid reference at home but fortunately I did find the tree. I took this shot looking up between the two main stems of the stool. This is a new species for me.
There was quite a bit of Wych Elm nearby too.
I found the shell of a snail that I hadn't seen before. The distinctive Large Chrysalis Snail Abida secale but I can't tick that because it was already dead. Looking at the atlas the snail is restricted to chalk in the south and some limestone in the north.

3 Response to "The Pillars of the Earth"

Janneke Says:

Nice pic's. I thought you were referring to the book by Ken Follett, which I much love.

Graeme Lyons Says:

Hi there
I was referring to it in a way! I like to shoe horn in as many cultural references as I can with my blog. i saw the TV adaptation and loved it but I have not read the book.

Janneke Says:

You should read the book as well, I've also seen (parts of) the adaptation but I think they left out quite a lot. There is also the sequel 'World Without End' a 1200+ page brick which I found unputdownable...

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