Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday 29 July 2011 18:23

Whilst surveying the ditch flora at Amberley I spotted this Dotted Fan-foot. Like the ones I saw at Woods Mill two years ago, it was very close to some Brown Sedge. We didn't see much today that we hadn't already seen but Flowering Rush is always a welcome sight. A juvenile Marsh Harrier provided the air support and the only new beetle I had was Scirtes hemisphericus (thanks to Mark Gurney for guiding me away from the leaf beetles on this one). I didn't manage a really decent shot of the rarest plant, Cut-grass. as it is not really in flower yet. It's quite hard to pick out from other non-flowering grasses but once you get your eye in it is easy enough. Here is a nice patch growing on the edge of a ditch, its typical habitat. We must have walked miles along those ditches and I'm feeling pretty knackered now!

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