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Posted by Graeme Lyons , Monday 31 January 2011 18:12

On the way back from hospital today I spotted this woodlouse that I have been keeping my eyes peeled for in Brighton for the last few weeks. It's the Armadillidium depressum and it's told from the Common Pill Woodlouse Armadillidium vulgare by its skirt like edge which is visible in the photo. Because of this, it can't quite roll into a complete ball like vulgare can. It has a strong south westerly distribution but when I checked this out on the NBN Gateway a few weeks ago I also noticed that there was a large cluster of dots in East Sussex. I have to say, it was not quite as obvious as the photo in the AIDGAP Woodlouse key but it's clearly different from A. vulgare.
That brings me to summarise where I'm at at the end of January. I have added 51 species since the start of the year putting me on 3072 species. Only 18 of these species have been new sightings, the other 33 are retrospective ticks from my old computer. Mark Telfer has also just written an article on pan-species listing for Birdguides and you can read the article here. It's a great read and there are some well labelled photos in there too.  It also includes updated rankings where I am currently 6th. I wonder if there will be some new additions to the rankings generated by this article, I hope so!

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Anonymous Says:

Great photos, as always. Woodlouse are great, I used to race them when I was little (snails are to slow)

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