I wish I could fly but I can't

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Tuesday 11 January 2011 18:39

The stream flooded again today at Woods Mill and in the process dislodged hundreds of invertebrates, many of which climbed to higher ground and sought shelter on the gates and fences around the valley field. I went up at lunch time when the water level had dropped to see what I could find and there were lots of things around. Dozens of beetles but mostly staphs that I can't identify (yet!). I picked up a few carabids, a woodlouse and a harvestman that I will attempt to identify tonight so I will report back on those tomorrow. As I was searching the gate I noticed this tiny female Winter Moth. Considering how often I see the males this is only the second time I have bumped into a female. I am sure they are easy to find if you know how to find them but it was a nice find anyway. It's a bit tatty because it would have been in the flood with everything else...

...Imagine being a tiny caterpillar that against all the odds evaded being gobbled up by young Blue Tits, survived the larval stage free of parasites, emerged into the world as a flightless egg-laying blob  in the coldest winter for a hundred years, then you get washed away in a flood, you manage to hold on to a passing gate, you dry yourself off only to end up being photographed by a giant hairy monster who puts you in a glass pot. Don't worry, Orvil will be released unharmed tomorrow.

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