Early Doors

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Monday 3 January 2011 16:44

I just found this male Early Moth in the door way of the local bookies at Fiveways as I was walking past. Got some funny looks and comments from a couple of blokes as I was taking the shot, reminded me of the time I chased a moth into a shop doorway, by the time I identified it as a humble Cabbage Moth, the door opened and I realised I was standing in the doorway of a strip club and the bouncer didn't look too impressed as I muttered something about moths and cabbages before running off. Anyway, I think Early Moth has so much more hope in its name than Winter Moth, before you know it there will be moth traps full of quakers and drabs and spring will be here. Bring it on!

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Esther Montgomery Says:

What a wonderful story!

Lovely picture too.


Unknown Says:

Love this blog and have totally missed reading it whilst off facebook. Your photo's are truly beautiful.

Kittycake Darkchild.

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