What a load of tripe

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday 20 January 2017 07:54

I had a great day yesterday with QGIS training set up by the SXBRC. Can't wait to get involved with the recording plug-ins that are in there. However, this story is about the fact that I sat next to Martin Allison, county recorder for fungi and old friend during the training. I was chatting about a jelly like bracket I found as I was being rushed out of the Deneway on Saturday and it didn't take long to get it to species. It's Tripe Fungus (in the same genus as Jelly-ear). And this is the best photo I managed which is indeed a load of tripe in more ways than one! So that actually made 78 species in the Deneway and a whopping three lifers!

However, when the conversation drifted on to the rare Mycena juniperina that Martin Ainsworth had recently found the 2nd record for Britain for, I drew a picture of some fungi I had seen on one of the old Junipers at Levin only ten days ago. It was very similar to it when we Googled it. Obviously we can't record this because there are closely related species but it's looking likely, so I'm going to find a way to get a specimen to Martin in the next week. Watch this space...

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Hilary Melton-Butcher Says:

Hi Graeme - what fun you have ... it's great to have a passion for a subject ... good luck with getting the specimen across to Martin ... cheers Hilary

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