So it begins!

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Monday, 30 January 2017 07:17

This fly is special. It's unusual for me to feature it on my blog as it's not a species I have seen. It is however, the first species added to the reserve network by someone else after they received a copy of the spreadsheet. I give you reserve species 9793. Or our 1331st fly. Or should I say Blepharipa schineri. It's a tachinid that Tony Davis picked up at West Dean Woods back in 2013. Added to the British list in 2001, it is thought to parasitise Gypsy Moths on the continent, so it's likely to be on something like Black Arches here (thanks Tony).

But to show you how much he's got the bug when it comes to filling in the gaps in the spreadsheet, this was in the email I got from him last night...

"I'm lovin' this!". 

I've only sent it out to about a dozen people, so if this is happening in January, you wait until the summer! Bring it on.

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