Wot ya lookin at mate?

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Sunday, 4 March 2012 19:42

Was the most frequent thing any one said to me as I stood by the main road in Worthing staring into a bush. Why you ask? Well, I went to Worthing to see the Yellow-browed Warbler (and to but some new running shoes for British Military Fitness - I am not joking, I have been doing it for two months now). Where was I? Yes, Worthing and one of the strangest twitches. The bird has been very faithful to some ornamental bushes around the edge of a small car park near central Worthing. After about half an hour of messing about, it showed. It was very close but hard to see. I recorded it calling, I have heard them before but I must say I originally mistook it for the call of a Pied Wagtail. 
It has clearly become something of a local celebrity as many people stopped to ask if it had been seen or what we were up to. Even a rough looking bloke that I overheard talking to his mate about getting out of prison asked what we were doing. It's a funny place Worthing, a completely different demograph to Brighton. The presence of two universities in Brighton means that there are so many young people and all the sub-cultures are well represented. In Worthing, I only saw a small flock of Hipsters and an immature Goth. Living in Brighton I forget how crazy the place is.

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