Over 300 moths last night!

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday, 16 March 2012 21:25

March always prodcues high totals of moths at Woods Mill, with over 900 one March night in 2009. Last night we recorded 316 individuals of some 17 species. One micro moth was new for me and was my 3800th species. The tiny Caloptilia stigmatella. Unfortunately the little beast flew off before I could get a photo. I decided to draw it quickly instead. I thought this would help but I actually remembered it wrong, the moth sat with its front end up and the white triangle was the other way round. This meant that I started searching with the wrong search image in mind but I am confident with the id. It's remarkable how much you change a memory each time you access it.

Now, tomorrow morning for a cross country run at Eridge Park followed by a talk at Rye Harbour on extreme mothing!

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Lucy Corrander : Photos Says:

An attractive note-book. An impressive number - and knowledge!

Nathalie Guerin Says:

Wow! I didn't catch a single moth last night but I did see Caloptilia stigmatella on 9/3/12. Cute little thing.

Anonymous Says:

Good haul - I'm catching mainly Common & Small Q, Twin-spot Q, Clouded Drab, Heb Char at the moment. www.flickr/wildphotomonkey/photos/

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