"Whatever happened to the American dream?"

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Monday 27 February 2012 19:37

"Whatever happened to the American dream?
It came true. You're lookin' at it".
The Comedian (1977)*

*(for the unenlightened amongst you, that's from the Watchmen. It's a graphic novel)**
**(for the seriously unenlightened amongst you, that's a comic for grown ups, not a Mills & Boon)

It wasn't until I got back from my day trip to Rhiwderin, Wales that I realised Common Yellowthroat was my first American warbler! This is a stunning bird, as it exhibits a colour of yellow so intense, that I can't think of any British bird it shares this with, even a Golden Oriole isn't as bright. In fact, for the first twenty minutes all I saw was this colour as it crept slowly along this Bracken lined hedge. The bird only very occasionally showed in the open (and then only for split seconds) and usually all I saw was its yellow back side. Soon after I did get some great views through me old scope and Nick Bond took the shot above, thanks for letting me use it Nick!. Nick Bond and his uncle Gary Messenbird were kind enough to let me tag along on this twitching extravaganza and you can see more of Nick's work on the Widerscope pages. Anyway, this is my fourth new UK bird (and passerine) this year already. 
We also saw some smart displaying Dippers and twitched a drake Lesser Scaup at Cosmeston Lakes. Now, where is that bottle-opener, I need a beer?!

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