Posted by Graeme Lyons , Monday 6 February 2012 17:27

There is something quite exotic about the name Paddyfield Warbler but I can't quite put my finger on what. In the flesh, there was nothing exotic about the little brown jobbie that I twitched at Pagham. An impressive find none the less by Pagham Harbour's Ivan Lang himself (thanks for allowing me to use the photo Ivan). The best way to show how bad a view I had of the bird is to put your computer at the end of the garden and look at the photo through binoculars from your window. There you go, you might as well just tick it and be done with it. It was nice to re-find it after nearly an hour of it not being seen though. Also, there were less than 10 birders there, probably put off by the weather, which made it a little more fun.
Other birds included Water Rail, Corn Bunting and I thought I heard a Bearded Tit but I was too busy looking at the little brown job. It was spending most of its time in the rank grass and occasionally would fly up onto a reed stem. You could see it was quite contrasty even at distance. Anyway, my 341st bird and 3750th species. Three new birds already in 2012.

Recorder 6.17.2 has arrived in the post.

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