Snail fail

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 21 January 2012 17:46

Can't win 'em all. I went searching for a live Helicella itala today but failed. I did find a few more empty shells but found no live snails on the chalk except those under fallen wood. The above photo is a very common and easy to identify snail that I see mostly under logs in woods, it's Discus rotundatus. Here is today's snail list:

Cepaea hortensis
Helix aspera (alive)
Cochlodina laminata (alive)
Discus rotundatus (alive)
Pomatias elegens
Cernuella virgata (one alive)
Helicella itala (only two more shells)
Candidula intersecta (alive)

So I didn't add anything new in the field. The mosses there were pretty boring for a chalk grassland site with Fissidens taxifolius, Bryum capillare and Pseudoscleropodrum purum being very common and just the occasional bit of Homalothecium lutescens. I did however get three retrospective ticks looking through old notebooks. I found my notes from a trip to Abernethy when I was working at the RSPB. I had a day in the field looking at Sphagnum with Andy Amphlett and I saw Sphagnum fuscum, russowi and inundatum. That puts me on 3745.

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