Lichens on twigs

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Wednesday 25 January 2012 21:09

I tried something new today after finding some FSC lichen ID sheets that I bought a few years ago and lost in my office. We have a lot of mature Blackthorn at Woods Mill. It's covered in lichens and I can only identify a few of them. After a little staring at the lichens, I started to see patterns that I recognised. I knew a few of them already but there was one new species for me there. This is Physcia tenella as far as I can tell and at Woods Mill it was perhaps the most abundant lichen growing on Blackthorn twigs. It's the first lichen I have added to my list since June 2011 and puts me on 3746 species. It's only my 28th lichen species. I will be going back for more lichens on my lunch breaks in the next few months. I figure that the species growing on Blackthorn are perhaps going to be common species as it's not a rare plant and will be a good place to try and get back in to lichens.

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