Gold necklace

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Wednesday, 8 June 2011 20:15

I ran a course on deadwood beetles today at Ebernoe Common. We saw six species of longhorn including this fantastic female Hornet Beetle (or Golden-haired Longhorn Beetle) Leptura aurulenta which wasn't looking too well to be honest. This is a Na species known from the site and we also saw a couple of the Na Stenurella nigra. Another species I saw today that was new to me included this fantastic spider, Achaearanea lunata.
Back to yesterday's visit to Cowdray. We added two RDB species to the site list. I found the RDB1 Laemophloeus monilis, apparently this will be only the 6th site in the UK for this strange looking beast. Mark found Corticeus unicolor, another RDB3 species that may even be new for Sussex! Other Nb species that were new for me included Lissodema denticolle and Diplocoelus fagi. I did manage one more photo yesterday which was of a weevil that Mark identified as Stereocorynes truncorum, a Na and a Grade 1 IEC species. We really have only scratched the surface at Cowdray, already the IEC (2004) is showing national significance, I can't wait to see what else is there! I end the day on 3426 species.

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