Orange segments

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 17 February 2011 20:46

This little beetle is under 3 mm long and I took this photo down the microscope. It's a bruchid or seed beetle and it's the first one I have come across so far. I am pretty sure it is Bruchus loti and I swept it from some rank grass at Woods Mill. There is a lot of Meadow Vetchling in the summer on the bank and from the literature it looks like that was what the larvae would most likely be feeding on there. The orange front legs and first four antennal segments are very obvious. The shape of the eyes is amazing. I think they are U-shaped to accomodate the antennae. I think it's quite common. It was such a lovely day, I thought I would see if there were any insects on the wing but I had more luck sweeping than spotting anything in flight. I also saw a weevil called Sitona lineatus (another very common species associated with legumes and also new to me) leaving me on 3119.

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