Fox snaffles sausages

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Monday 15 November 2010 18:32

I was just walking back from a meeting when I spotted a family transfixed by something in the road. The street was quite busy as it was 5.45 pm, so I was quite surprised to see it was a Fox. The family told me they had disturbed it with a string of sausages, which it had dropped, but the greedy bugger didn't want to leave its feast behind. I got my camera out and hung back with the family and managed this shot (it was disturbed by a car). It crisscrossed the road waiting for a window of opportunity and then came back and snaffled the sausages and then legged it down the road but my flash didn't go off and I missed the money shot. It amazes  me how bold they are these days and it was really nice to see how excited the kids were at seeing it.

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Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! Says:

They're really good, these moments.

Less good was when I had to defend children against a young and hungry fox which was trying to get at the chips they were eating out of a paper. Bold, indeed.


Anonymous Says:

@ Lucy, I had that with some starlings a few years ago, trying to eat my sandwiches with me in Crawley's garden next to County mall.


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