The best of the rest

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 11 November 2010 21:34

Here are some of the better shots from 2010 that didn't make it into a post so far this year. In no particular order we have:
Young Panther Cap from Ebernoe Common on the 21st September. Poisonous.
The beautiful but rare Oxyopes heterophthalmus a female from Pirbright in Surrey on the 7th June, no records for this as far as I know in Sussex, be great to find it on the West Sussex heaths although I think that would be very unlikely.
Speckled Yellow moth at rest on lichen. Taken at Eridge Rocks on 6th June.

The common Swollen-thighed Beetle Oedemera nobilis. This one's a female (without the swollen thighs) taken at Friston Forest on 26th July.
Big hoverfly Volucella inanis, this was new to me at the time, taken on the edge of The Mens on the 27th July.

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Anonymous Says:

Thank you, really lovely photos, and interesting notes. Its amazing how unique different creatures are, and how beautiful.

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