Woodlark at Hollingbury

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Monday 11 October 2010 15:47

After hearing so many migrants passing overhead this morning and witnessing the stiff north-easterly breeze, I headed up to the hill fort at Hollingbury a mile or so north of my house. There was little passing overhead, 1 Meadow Pipit, 3 Skylarks and a Pied Wagtail but I did stumble across a Woodlark, right in the centre of the fort. It flew right overhead calling as it went out of view to the north west. I can only apologise for the photo but you can still tell what it is (sort of). I am all about the macro photography so that is about as good as it gets for my bird photos.
There were the typical invertebrates for this time of year including this Comma on some Old Man's Beard, a few Common Darters and Eristalis hoverflies. The only beetle I found what I though was a tiny Bembidion under a section of metal pipe. It turned out to be Microlestes maura, a very tiny (this one was about 2.8 mm long) carabid, too small and fast for a photo I'm afraid. There is another very similar species, so, as with so many of these idents, it came down to a comparison of the size and shape of the penis, this species having a distinct hook on his member.

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