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Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 30 October 2010 18:29

Not much natural history goin' on this weekend, I've got my head down writing up some freelance work from Frensham Great Pond. Here is me in September, picking through masses of the alien, invasive, Canadian Waterweed in the vain hope of finding the odd native aquatic macrophyte. It's so sad that  it's thought that the second greatest threat to wildlife on this planet is from introduced alien species.  Anyway, this post was supposed to be about mucking about in boats...

More pond fun, this time in Sussex back in 2005/06 I think when I was working for the RSPB but little did I know it at the time I would be working for the site owners (Sussex Wildlife Trust) one day, it's Castle Water. The site where in five years of  electro-fishing we caught the biggest Eel we had ever seen and it was about twice as big as the next biggest one we had ever seen, and we had caught and weighed thousands! (My dreads are not growing backwards by the way, I cut them off and then grew them back!).
I think by the look of that tail fin I am measuring a Tench. Here is Old Scarface, the biggest Eel I ever did see!
Thanks to Steve Webster for the top photo and Matt Self for the bottom two. I have loads of old photos of fish from the electro-fishing days so I may do another post over the winter.

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