The moth with the bunny on its back

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Monday 13 September 2010 07:13

I have had a great weekend at Sam's (Jo's Mum) in Surrey this weekend, we have moth trapped which I can't do in Brighton due to the slight complication of not having a garden. We caught a few nice things including  this funny looking micro. This moth has a cartoon outline of a rabbit on its back and always makes me smile. It's Ypsolopha sequella and is a local species on Field Maple. 

There was one Hoary Footman (I know it's turning up everywhere now - I think I have seen more of these than Scarce Footman this year). This micro moth, Crambus hamella,  which is nationally scarce (Nb) and is a new one to me was also in the trap. It feeds on Wavy Hair-grass and seems to have a large locus around the Surrey Heaths area. The broad white streak with an obvious off-shoot is diagnostic. As is the dark mark at the tip of the wings which in this specimen is missing.
Other nice things included Brindled Green, Oak Hook-tip and Maiden's Blush. A Vine Weevil and half a dozen Forest Bugs also paid a visit.

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