Finally, I get some honey!

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 30 September 2010 19:51

And what did it take? A ride in a convertible with the top down. Mark Anscombe's to be precise. We pulled up at the lights just east of Arundel where the dual carriageway of the A27 comes to an end. I had my bag (and therefore my bins) in the foot well as there was no room in the boot. A dark Honey Buzzard drifted south over the car with wings held flat just as we stopped and I had a great view as it drifted into the sun, flapping only once. Mark was embarrassed when I started birding from his open topped car. I have never found a Honey Buzzard on migration and after years and years of checking every buzzard I  have ever seen, I finally get one when I am in an open topped car. How awesome is that?! We closely followed it up with a chicken (on a verge) and whilst parked, a deadwood invertebrate entered the vehicle, the hoverfly Myathropa florea.

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